Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wisdom from Dr. Seuss

Today I turned 39.  

There, I said it.  I didn't want to say it.  Didn't want to admit it.  In fact, I argued with the calendar yesterday as it taunted me.

Wasn't I just 16 with ginormous hair, rocking out to Bon Jovi?  How did I get to be pushing 40, carrying a ginormous Mommy purse?  (I still like to rock out to Bon Jovi!  Don't care who knows it!)

Wasn't I just 22, graduating from college with a million possibilities before me?  Now I am graduating into a new career with a million things I still want to do.

Wasn't it just yesterday when I was 32 and had the most beautiful baby boy looking up at me with big blue eyes?  

 Now my "baby" is rapidly gaining on me in the height department (not hard to do!) and is starting to do the under-the-breath-kid-laugh that tells me he thinks I'm weird.

Shortly before his death, Dr. Seuss wrote this verse:

“How did it get so late so soon? 

It's night before it's afternoon. 

December is here before it's June. 

My goodness how the time has flewn. 

How did it get so late so soon?”

That kind of sums it up for me.

In some ways, many things have changed.   I've accomplished many things I am proud of.  I've learned from each experience, and I think that's what The Big Man Upstairs intended.

Throughout it all, I've stayed true to myself.  I believe that, too, is an accomplishment.  Here's to another 39 years.

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McKenna said...

Every new year is a good year Jenn. Though I feel the same about getting older the death of a dear friend recently has put many things in my life into perspective.