Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have You Ever Spilled Your Purse?

I mean, upside down, all fall out, nothin-but-an-empty-bag spill?  

All of those lovely little interior pockets that promised to keep your little goodies neatly and securely organized just gave up!  Your little lovelies are now a jumbled heap on the kitchen table, top of your desk, or floor of your car.  All the care and precision you took deciding in which little pocket to place your lip gloss is now a totally wasted sixty seconds.  And, a quick game of estimation tells you "The Heap" you gaze upon contains approximately one hundred of those sixty seconds.

Ever happened to you?

Now...ever had one of those WEEKS?!

One of those weeks where it seems some being of a higher power took your life and just flipped it upside down?  The form in which you so carefully packaged your life lays empty, and beside it is "The Heap."  All the care, all the organizing, all the time -- for naught.  You look at "The Heap" that is your week, and just stand very still and shake your head.

Certainly this is a joke, you say.  It must be a dream.  I am watching a TV show of someone else's week.  OUCH!  That was you pinching yourself.  Yep, this is you.

You look to the sky and ask the higher power, "OK.  I'm listening.  Everything happens for a reason.  What do I do now?"

And the higher power gives you a fill-in-the-blank answer.  Quilters, see if you can finish this sentence:

"When life gives you scraps, ..."

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