Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preparing for Human Interface

That title might be a result of me watching a LOT of Big Bang Theory this week.  Love it!  

But, despite the geekoid terminology, it is true.  I am getting ready for my first outing into the real world outside of cyberspace.  I am taking The Little Shop Of Stitches on the road, doing two church craft bazaars in my town.  Yay!  

Both bazaars promote handmade craftiness as well as home-based businesses.  I found the most adorable clear plastic paint cans and knew I had to work them into my display.  Here is what I have so far...

Big gallon sized cans, which hold 4 yards (could have held more if I tried harder to stuff it)...

 Medium sized with half yard cuts...

And, itty bitty guys that hold two fat quarters!

My dad volunteered his "vintage" step ladder to use in the display, also.  Isn't it funny how "vintage" sounds so much fancier than "old?"

The overall theme for my booth is "Quilter's Workshop -- Building a Quilter's Christmas."  The first bazaar is in two weeks, and I have plenty more to do to get ready.  So, while not much sewing occurred today, there was a lot of fabric-play!

Did you know that today is exactly two months until Christmas???

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