Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quilt Picture Riddle

You know those pictures you find in puzzle books and on Wii games?  Those that show you super-duper close-ups of an object or an animal?  These visual mind-benders are designed to test your visual skills to see if you can "see" the big picture in your head.

So, this is what is laying in my sewing room right now.  

Can you see it?  Can you tell what it will become? 
Leave a comment here on the ol' blog with your guess!  Fun!


Anonymous said...

"Snowball". Love the snowflake fabric. I have quite a bit of that fabric and use it a lot in my wintery themed projects. Doreen

Karin said...

Sure looks like the beginning of some snowball blocks to me!

sharon said...

I like your blog!