Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Feature - Dandelion Baby

It's Friday!!!!  Not only does that mean we can look forward to some well-deserved R&R, but we can also kick back and enjoy the works of another talented Etsian.

I'm proud to introduce Nicole Brown of Dandelion Baby!

Nicole is a mama of three, living in Ontario, Canada.  She loves to sew, and particularly enjoys working with fun, funky fabrics!  She started her business making baby blankets from top-quality, designer cotton with super-soft minky on the back.  Oh, look!  Owls from The Little Shop of Stitches!

Wow, that fabric sold out lightning fast!  Very popular!

Nicole also does custom work, including entire bedding sets.  Oh, look!  More owls!  ;)

I'm loving this dino patchwork blanket!  Probably because of the adorable picture of chubby little toes!

Dandelion Baby also offers bibs, burp cloths, and paci clips.  If you have a new mama in your circle of friends, these make great gifts!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Nicole from Dandelion Baby.  Find her Facebook and tell her Jenn at The Little Shop of Stitches sent you!

Happy Stitching everyone!


Justin said...

We ordered bedding from Dandelion Baby back in April for over $300. She said she mailed us swatches which we never received. She told us she mailed our bedding over 3 weeks ago! Haven't received them and now she won't return our correspondence. Beware ordering from her. Check out her etsy feedback. Apparently this is a common problem.

Elizabeth A. said...

Nicole at Dandelion Baby Blanket did the exact same thing to me. Etsy closed her shop until she issues me a refund of $313 and she has ignored all correspondence. Very frustrating.

Unknown said...

Im feeling so upset right now... I ordered from her and spent over $300 on a whole bedding set now her shop is MIA on etsy and there is no other way to contact her that I can find. She isnt responding to any of my messages and Im heartbroken because I saved up and worked hard to afford this set and now it looks like I might be out $300. Did either of you two ladies every get your money back??

Anonymous said...

I ordered almost $600 worth of custom bedding from this shop on Etsy. I never received it, even though she said it had been shipped. No tracking info (even though Canada Post does tracking for any package over 1 kg). Said it was "lost in the mail" - told me she would issue refund. 6 wks later, nothing. I emailed her threatening to inform Etsy. I got a partial (40%) refund instantly via Paypal. Told me I'd get the rest shortly. Took one month later and and email threatening to write a letter to the Better Business Bureau, Etsy and call the Ontario Provincial Police re: her internet business (scam) before I instantly got the Paypal refund for the rest of the $$. She's not on Etsy anymore. Not sure what the deal was but WOW.

Jannet said...

I too think I have been frauded by her! I had her item saved on my etsy and when I couldn't find her I somehow came across her on Facebook so I contacted her and she has said she left etsy because of the " overwhelming demand that was impacting her family" I guess I feel for her story and still she agreed to do my order for me, this was July 29th that I had given her a %60 deposit which was $196 and I have tried contacting her several times and the last time she got back to me she said " it should be ready in 1 weeks" it's been more then three weeks ANSI have written 4 emails, and I found her home number and I have not received any replies nor an answer to to my calls! I can't believe someone could scam so many innocent ppl. I will go to extreme measure if I have to but this cannot keep happening to other ppl. Im sorry to hear that I'm not the only one who this awful woman has ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder how many people she has done this too. I too have never received my order which was placed at the end of June. When was the last time anyone has had any contact with her? Her facebook page is now gone as well, wither that or I have been blocked from viewing it......I have tried several emails and have never heard back.

Jannet said...

I hear back from her on Friday when I sent a email threatening her to take legal action. She said "she was forced to file bankruptcy and that she would return my deposit by the end of the day" and in wits Monday and still nothing. She leaves me on choice but to contact the OPP and small claims court.
I hope you have better luck with her, because u haven't had much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jannet. I'm working with my Credit card company to try and get the money back. Absolutely unreal. Hopefully everything works out for us :-) Le us know how it works out.

Jannet said...

We'll I got my money back! There is hope for all! After one final threatening email giving her the ultimatum of refunding my money or seeing me in small claims court, she returned my $196 deposit within hours of the email. I hope you all have better luck with her, but keep at it perseverance pays off!
Best of luck