Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Because I Love Ya!

I am sending out this notice to YOU (my favorite subscribers!) via the blog a day early.  Sometimes our email server takes a full 24 hours to get messages to your in-box.

There is going to be a MAJOR announcement made ONLY to our Facebook fans on Monday!

If you sew, if you quilt, if you are a self-proclaimed fabriholic, you will want to be a part of this!  There are 3 ways to find us:

1.  Click the Like button in the right sidebar of the blog.  
2.  Simply click right here to go directly to our Facebook page.  
3.  Click under our logo in our Etsy shop.

If you have quilt-y friends--or a fabriholic support group--tell them, too!

Be sure to check your Facebook on Monday for the BIG NEWS!  Can't wait!!!

Happy Stitching from The Little Shop of Stitches!

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