Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Feature - Namely Pillows

Without a doubt, the best part of what I do is meeting all the great people!  I am constantly amazed at the talents out there.  Creative people make me happy.  

Here at The Little Shop of Stitches, we celebrate creative thinking!  Today we are featuring one savvy stitcher who began her Etsy shop just about one year ago.  

Tracie at Namely Pillows has already gained quite a following with her personalized pillows for little ones.  Seriously, how cute is this???
 What a great idea for gift!  My own son, my niece, and many of my friends' kiddos have unusual names or different spellings.  Tracie's pillows take care of that problem! 
This soccer-themed pillow was made with fabric bought right here at The Little Shop!  :-)

 The cuteness is never-ending at Namely Pillows!  Tooth fairy pillows hang on your child's doorknob, so there is no searching in the dark when the Lady comes to leave her loot.  Great idea!

I hope you enjoyed visiting with Tracie at Namely Pillows.  Visit her shop and find her on Facebook.  Tell her Jenn from The Little Shop of Stitches sent ya!  Happy Stitching!

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Sandy Weaver said...

Very cute, creative and personalized! We had the same problem with our children's names when they were young.