Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank you!! Cub Scout Survival

Sooooo many readers responded to my cry for help!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Last week, I asked for advice on how to teach a dozen squirmy, first-grade Cub Scouts how to sew on a button.  (If you missed my desperation, click here. As I look back, it is a bit humorous!)

I decided to combine all of your fantastic suggestions left in the comments and sent directly to my email.  First, we read the most wonderful storybook called The Button Box by Margarette S. Reid.

If you've never read this book, it is perfect for first graders.  The main character is a young boy.  That was important to me to start off with these boys.  He likes to go through his Grandma's special container of buttons.  They talk about the differences in shape and size, how buttons used to be made, the different materials, etc.  The boys seemed to really enjoy the story.  

When I announced they were going to sew on some buttons, they were so excited!!  And, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was prepared for someone to say -- out loud -- that sewing was for girls, and had my response all ready.  Not ONE of them grumbled or complained!  So proud!  

Their project was to sew two GINORMOUS buttons onto a felt car shape.  (I pre-cut these before the meeting.)  I had pre-threaded, pre-knotted tapestry needles ready with perle cotton thread.  I demonstrated, and with their parents assistance, they were all successful!  Here is the "zample" my boy made at home.

And, here he is at the meeting, watching the others.  (Easily distracted!)

Once their buttons were sewn on, they used markers to decorate.  We finished the evening with another story.  (Once a teacher, always a teacher!)  This one I found at our local library, and was new to me.  It is by Catherine Ann Cullen.  

The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat!  Try to say that five times fast!  The main character weaves a story about the different buttons on her coat, and she ends up giving them all away.  And, as the title suggests, they find their way back to her.  Very cute.

Again, thank you for answering my cry for help!  I survived the Cub Scouts!  I am invincible!!! 


Caroline said...

Just found your post- am working on preparing this elective for our den. Thankyou!!

Michelle H said...

I've been wondering how to do this elective and make it interesting for the boys. Excellent suggestion. We'll do it next week!