Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabric Picture Riddle

A few weeks ago, we had a Picture Riddle here on Stitched Stories.  (If you missed it, click here.)  You know those picture riddles in puzzle books and on video games that show you a super close-up shot of something?  Then, you are supposed to exercise your neurons and figure out what the "bigger picture" is.  

I had a pile of started, yet unfinished, quilt blocks laying on my ironing board.   This is what it looked like:

I posted a challenge to my oh-so-smart readers to try and figure out what they were destined to become.  No foolin' you!  This is the finished snowball quilt:

Let's try it again!  I will even give you a few clues.  Here are your photos:

Clue #1 - These are all various fabrics from my stash.  

Clue #2 - They turned into two easy-sew projects, although they are not quilts.

Clue #3 - The finished projects were birthday gifts for two SUPER girls who turned 3 and 5.

Can you guess???  Leave a comment on the blog!  The answer to the riddle will be revealed later this week.  Such fun!

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Margaret said...

pillow cases or pajamas. That is what I would make.