Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Feature - Midcoast Miscellany

I must say that when I first "met" Danita online, I liked her right away!  You know those people you can just talk to, just carry on a conversation like you've know them for years and years?  Yep, that's Danita!

Danita lives in Maine and is the proud new owner of Midcoast Miscellany.  Her Etsy shop is brand-spanking new -- only one month young!  It is a fun, eclectic mix of old and new, with captivating stories behind each item.  Her mix of treasures include 80's pop sheet music and vintage sewing patterns.  When you read through her descriptions, it feels as if she is right there explaining the history behind each item.  It's almost like cruising through the aisles of a cozy little antique shop!

Danita approached me recently with a question about Amy Butler's new Lark collection of fabrics.  She definitely has an eye for design!  She picked out the Treasure Box in Ocean print along with the Nanna Chic in Cloud.  Excellent choices, Madam!

Together, we put these fabrics in a bundle with a simple aqua tone-on-tone.  And, what do you suppose Ms. Danita made?

She was kind enough to share this picture of the summer dress she made for her granddaughter.  How sweet is this?!

While this particular little cutie of an outfit is headed to her granddaughter's closet, she does have a handmade section in her Etsy shop.  Perhaps you can find your own little cutie something special.  Or, maybe -- just maybe -- you can sweet-talk Ms. Danita into making another Amy Butler dress?  :)  Just a thought...

Please take a moment to stop by Midcoast Miscellany and take a look around.  Tell her Jenn from The Little Shop of Stitches just raved about her!

Happy Friday and Happy Stitching, everyone!

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