Monday, February 20, 2012

Ruby Tumbles

We are quickly approaching one of my most favorite times of the year...Quilt Show Season!

The Little Shop of Stitches has reserved booths in three local quilt shows to date.  Some of you may remember our "World Tour" from the fall.  (If you missed it, click here and here.)  This will be the first time we go to a real-for-real quilt show.  So, some preparations are in order.

I have to admit that looking through the pages and pages of the newest fabrics online could be an all-day activity for me.  So many pretty things!  How do I choose?  I love it all!  More on that later.

Next, I need some sample quilts to show off the lovely fabric we already carry.  So, last week, I made a list of projects and jumped right in.  I started with one Ruby charm pack from Moda.  Since the colors already coordinate, I didn't have to think very much.  Look, how lovely!

I used a Tumbler ruler to trim the edges from the charm squares.  (The Tumbler ruler will be available in The Little Shop soon!)  And, voila!  Ruby Tumbles!

I call this look "Un-Scrappy."  Because the charm packs have such a wide variety of prints, it feels like a scrappy quilt.  But, since the colors repeat in those prints, it all coordinates at the same time.  Un-Scrappy makes me happy!

The borders are different fabrics, with the green coming from Studio E, and the red is a simple pindot.  (Both are available in our Etsy shop!)  I am pleased.  Good job, Ruby!

So now, I continue to look through those pages and pages of new fabrics.  I tend to go for the bright colors and the kid prints.  Please...leave a comment below.  What fabrics do you like?  What colors are your favorites right now?  Do you have favorite designers?  Thanks for your input!

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Happy Stitching!


Heidi Staples said...

Visiting through Manic your "un-scrappy" quilt. Too cute! I've been buying charm packs lately to play around with different fabric lines: California Girl, Hello Luscious, Half Moon Modern, and Salt Air. They're all full of beautiful prints. I like to walk the line between subtle and bright with a little retro thrown in for good measure.

The Quilt Ladies said...

Nice job, and I love the fabric !

Claire Jain said...

Too cute! I love the pattern and the fabrics! I've been working with a charm pack myself this week; lots of fun :-)

P.S. Would you please consider disabling your word verification?

Steph Jacobson said...

Very cute! I love charm packs and have been seeing a lot of tumbler quilts. I think I need to give it a try! Visiting from WIP Wednesday.

Erin said...

So cute! Ruby is one of my fabric fabric lines of all time :)

Kelsey said...

LOVE this! Ruby is one of my favorites :)

Bumblebee and Sophie said...

Great quilt, gives me ideas for the Moda pack I have!! Thanks.

Rachel said...

What a cute quilt!

Bronwyn said...

Love it! I have never thought of using a charm pack for a tumbler quilt. Add that to my lists of upcoming projects!

Heather said...

It's adorable! What great cheery colors! :o)

amandajean said...

such a cute quilt top! i have some ruby that i'm not quite sure how to use yet. i waffle from day to day, project to project.

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!