Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sittin' in a Barn, Drinkin' Wine

Yeah, you read that right.  ;)

Earlier this week, I took The Little Shop on the road to a neighboring town.  One of the local "Mom" groups was putting on a Holiday Showcase with proceeds to benefit underprivileged children.  An evening of shopping and socializing for a worthy cause -- how could I not go?
Here is our little home away from home.

I should explain that this was held at a very elegant venue, generally known for hosting weddings.  I believe it used to be a family homestead, but the hustle and bustle of "progress" just grew up all around it.  The main house is a 19th century farmhouse that has been beautifully restored, and the grounds are the envy of any gardener.  Click here to check it out.  Although, seriously, the pictures do not do it justice!
Mom and I set up in the barn, which was already decorated for Christmas.  Couldn't help but think that barn would make a darn cute quilt shop!  It had a lovely little loft, a kitchenette, and his and hers "facilities."  Nothing at all like Grandma's barn on the farm I used to visit!

The Moms group had advertised refreshments.  Much to our delight, those refreshments included wine!  And so we sat, talked, sipped, and laughed in a barn on a Tuesday night.  Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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