Monday, November 7, 2011

On the Road Again

I have enjoyed getting my new adventure started.  The blog, the etsy shop, the Facebook page...all part of phase one for The Little Shop of Stitches.

I've missed people, though.  Cyberspace is great, and I've "met" a lot of really nice folks.  And, to be honest, I kinda like my alone time.  But, it was time to get out where the real humans live.

Our little shop went on the road over the weekend.  "On the road" might be pushing it just a bit.  It was just a half mile from my house!  

Anyway, we (Mom and I) set up shop at a local craft bazaar and had a ball!  Take a look!

It was a mini-dream-come-true for me.  This is the beginning of The Little Shop of Stitches.  We talked with people about quilts and patterns.

We met one lady who couldn't call herself a quilter, but would admit to being a Fabric Collector.  
One woman actually fessed up to being a Fabric-holic!  That's my favorite kind of Olic!
I was very tired and very proud by the end of the day.  And, we're going to do it again!  We've signed up to do three more shows within the next two weeks.  Here's to new friends and new beginnings!

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