Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Razor Blades, Tires, and Quilt Shows

I am sure you are wondering what that post title means.  What in the world do razor blades, tires and quilt shows have in common?  Well, just read on, My Friend!

I am still coming down from my adrenaline high from our weekend at QuiltFest!  We had the car packed so tightly, we almost didn't have room for our suitcases!  I thought I would take you on a picture tour.

To start off, we encountered a bit of a bump in the road (no pun intended).  

I called it a razor blade, Mom called it a shard.  Either way, it was metal, pointy and did NOT belong in my tire!  Luckily, we found it before it was too late.  As we parked in the lot at the repair shop, we heard a very distinct "ssssshhhhhhhhhhh" sound coming from the tire!  Oh no!  I told the nice man in the shop, "My tire is deflating in your parking lot as we speak.  I am hoping you are able to fix it, otherwise, we will be spending the night in your lobby!"  Thankfully, everything worked out.  (I am not sure he wanted us there all night!) 

After the tire excitement, we were off to the quilt show!  We received many compliments on our display.  What do you think?  Here we have a few Amy Butler samples and our 3-yard mini-bolts.
Here is a close-up of our mini-bolt display.

The front side held our Quilts-in-a-Can and a variety of quilt kits.

Patterns galore!

The precuts and fat quarters were very popular.  Maybe because they are so darn cute!
We had a great three days!  We were definitely tired once we got home, and it was certainly nice to sleep in our own beds.  But, we met some really nice people -- some award-winning quilters, some just beginning -- but all really friendly.  Isn't that the way with quilters?  :)

We'll be taking The Little Shop to the Miamisburg Quilt Show at the end of April.  If you are in the midwest, we'd love to see you!  

Do you have a favorite quilt show?  Is it a show you visit every year?  What makes it special to you?

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