Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Feature - Patchwork Mountain

I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but it bears repeating.  One of the best parts of this "job" of mine here at The Little Shop of Stitches is meeting such wonderful people.  Equally wonderful is meeting their quilts.

Say hello to Diane Alders.  Diane is the proud owner of Patchwork Mountain in Erie, Colorado.  Let me tell you, that pride comes through loud and clear in her quilts.  In her own words, "Quilting is my true passion. Combining fabrics and seeing the finished creation of a handmade quilt is such an enjoyment."

As I began exploring the world of Patchwork Mountain, I realized I was staring at the computer screen with my mouth hanging wide open.  No, I wasn't drooling!  Simply in awe. It's like having my own quilt show right in my family room.  

Teal and Purple Batiks.  Simple, elegant, beautiful.

Sunshine.  Such an appropriate title for such a cheery quilt.

Delightful Purple, Green and Black.  I have a soft spot for purple.  And, I must point out, that even if you are not a quilt lover (and I don't understand why you wouldn't be), just look at this VIEW!
Spring Beauty.  The quilt and the gorgeous background.  All is right with the world.

Diane also offers smaller quilted items for your home, such as table runners.  This one has a pine theme -- she is in Colorado, after all.

Square table toppers, this one done in springtime batiks.

And pot holders.  "Cups a Plenty" -- love it!  I know I could have used an extra cup today!
Beautiful fabrics, carefully selected, artfully pieced and quilted with pride.  Diane has built herself something wonderful in Colorado.  I hope you take a minute to visit her on top of Patchwork Mountain.

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