Thursday, March 8, 2012

Geeking Out!

This week, the computer and I are bonding.  Not so much bonding with the sewing machine, however.

I view my computer as a "necessary" tool.  I need it to run my business, to communicate, and honestly to run my life.  I mean, really, could you live these days without it?  Banking, Facebook,'s all on there.  

The sewing machine is my "fun" tool.  :)  I'll get back to it eventually.

Despite the necessity and non-glamorous side of the computer, my job this week really is exciting to me.

The Little Shop of Stitches is getting its own Dot.Com website!!!!  Wheeeee!!

The designers did a fabulous job with the look of the site.  The programmers have done their part to make it "work" like a website.  (I am so thankful that wasn't my responsibility!)  Now, it's my turn.

I'm doing the tweaking, adding the fabrics/books/patterns, uploading the photos.  You know, the FUN part!

The Little Shop will still be on Etsy!  I believe in Etsy and what it stands for - handmade items and quality supplies to make them.  Additionally, there is a sense of community found on Etsy that is unlike any other.

Starting this new website feels a bit like buying my first house.  It's mine, it's all mine!  Where will I put this?  Where will that fit?  What can I add to make it beautiful and personalized?

I do not yet know exactly when the site will go live, but I sincerely hope you stay with me for the journey!

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