Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Feature - Yo Yo Cottage

I think one of the best things about sewing and quilting for me is that the concept is simple.  Take a piece of fabric, cut it into the shape you want, and sew it together.  The variety of ways in which this can be done is completely mind-boggling!  However, conceptually -- simple.  And, of course, often times it is the simple things that are best in life.

Today's feature is the Yo Yo Cottage based out of Blairsville, Georgia.  We all know those cute little circles that are hand-sewn by the dozens.  Well, the Yo Yo Cottage takes the simple concept of yo yos and makes them extra special.  Just look...
 I love, love, LOVE this picture!  Yo Yo Cottage takes custom orders to make the size and color of yo yos you need for your project.  They also welcome special orders for finished handmade items such as these gorgeous garlands.

 What a great idea for wedding decorations!  Birthdays, holidays, any celebration!  I appreciate the fact that these yo yo decorations are reusable, also.  No more throwing the plastic partyware into the landfill.

These rolled roses in satin and bright cottons are another specialty of Yo Yo Cottage.  Again, custom made to your liking, they can be used as decorations, embellishments for hair bands, scrapbooking, or any number of creative uses!  Lovely!

The talent continues into the world of childhood wonderment.  They have a blog devoted entirely to showcasing their adorable doll clothes.
How cute is this???  I have a soft spot for the 1930's look.  ;)  Grab your favorite beverage and settle in because there is a LOT to look at!  CLICK HERE to see the entire collection of cuteness!

Simple is comforting.  Simple is familiar.  Simple is calming.  The Yo Yo Cottage will most definitely bring a simple smile to your face.  Find them on Facebook and tell them The Little Shop of Stitches raved about them!

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