Friday, July 6, 2012

Her name was Edna.

Edna Lucille Latham Osmon 

Her name was Edna.  And she was my Grandma.

Her bright blue eyes saw so much of the world.  So much of the people she loved.  Both the good and the ugly.

She smiled at the good and said nothing of the ugly.

That was just her way.

Her name was Edna.  And she loved me.

I know this without question.

Always smiling.  She loved to play.  She giggled.  No need to rush, no need to hurry.  There's always time at Grandma's.

She was always there.  Things were always the same.

Her name was Edna.  She was my Grandma.  She loved me.  And I miss her.

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C said...

Thinking of you today. There is nothing quite like the love of a Grandma.