Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twelve Days of Gift-Mas

Oh my goodness!  Am I the only one out there still sewing Christmas gifts???

It is down the wire now, less than 5 days to go.  Here at The Little Shop, my sewing machine has been smoking!  My hands are decrepit from handwork.  But, we are in the home stretch.  

I have three more handmade gifts to share, wrap, and put under the tree.

The first is a tissue box cover for my son.  He looooooooves dinosaurs, and when I found this fabric buried in my stash, I knew I had to do something with it.  His room is done in bright primary colors, so I think this is perfect for him.  I found the pattern in an OLD book on my quilt shelf by Marti Michell titled A Quilter's Christmas.  Really easy and quick to put together.  I guess from the title of the book, I should have done this project in Christmas fabric.  Dino-Christmas?  Sure!

The next project is for my sister-in-law.  She travels a lot.  (A lot meaning more than me.  I don't go very far.)  She also loves jewelry.  So, put those two together and you get a traveling jewelry bag.  Another super easy, super quick project.  The pattern is from Legacy Patterns, and it's been sitting in my sewing room for several years waiting for me to do something with it.  Lovely!  Done!

This next one comes from my own little brain.  (That's why it is simple!  Ha!)  My niece has an American Girl doll.  Her doll's name is Emily, and she is a British character who comes to America in 1944 during the second World War.  Google to the rescue!  I looked up quilts from that time period and discovered a great deal of feedsacks still being used from the Depression era.  While the fabrics in this doll quilt are not actual reproduction fabrics, they remind of the same colors and cheerfulness.  Plus, I always look for an excuse to play with pink fabric!  I hope my niece and Emily enjoy this doll quilt.

I still have two gift projects up in my sewing room with a calendar that keeps tormenting me.  One project is almost finished, one is perplexing me.  I don't have time to be perplexed!

Till next time, Happy Stitching!

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