Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts #3 and #4 -- DONE!

The countdown continues!  I am closer to my goal of making something handmade for every family member.  

This week was Dad's turn.  He is the family cook and really enjoys bold, traditional holiday colors.  So, what better than a pair of potholders!

First, we have the LeMoyne star.

I am pleased with the piecing of the star, but not so much my binding job.  (Mom says Dad won't even notice!)  I love the fabrics, all from my stash, all with snowflakes.  Hopefully, these can be used throughout the winter months.

Then, we have the Ohio star.  Fitting, since that's where we live.  I've also seen this block called the North star.
This one was supposed to be bigger, which is how it earned itself some borders.  :)  I  improved my binding on this one, by the way.  Live and learn.

So, off I go to wrap Dad's gift.  Next on my list, my sister-in-law and my son!  Stay tuned!

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