Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And The Winner Is...

I must admit my photography skills are not the best.  Regardless, I hope you are able to enjoy a few photos of the winners from the Miami Valley Quilt Guild Show from last weekend.  These are not all of the winners, just the ones I was able to get through the crowds to see.  Nothing can replace seeing these works of art in person, however.  Just remarkable.  

This first one was part of a Joann's challenge.  Beautiful to look at, but the quilt maker said the fabric was not fun to work with.  ;)
 This next winner is a gorgeous whole cloth quilt with an angel motif.
 This quilt won for best pieced quilt.
This was made by Maria Elkins, a national award winner.  This was a personal challenge to herself, to make the entire wall hanging with NO PINS!  Just a fabric glue stick!  Amazing!

See what I mean by the crowds of people?  :)  This won Best In Show, and for very good reason.  The winner is to the right in the blue shirt.  (Didn't catch her name.)

Here is a full photo, in all its glory.  It is raw-edge appliqued, and she used her knowledge of trigonometry (TRIGONOMETRY!) to be sure her angles and shapes came out correctly.  I am such a slacker.
The Quilt-Fest continues at The Little Shop of Stitches.  We are already set up for our next show May 10-12 in South Lebanon.  Check our Facebook page for more pictures.  Then, we jet-set to Kansas City for Quilt Market!  Be sure to watch the website for our HUGE Blow-Out Sale later this month!  Happy Stitching!

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